Thursday, August 16, 2007

Marugame 101

I know you are curious about where Marugame is--so voila!

Here are some facts about Marugame:

  • Marugame is in the Kagawa prefecture on the island of Shikoku. It is a four hour bus ride from Osaka.
  • It has a population of around 111,000.
  • It is famous for its Udon noodles and Uchiwa (fan) production. 90% of Japanese fans are made there.
  • It's also famous for its Marugame Castle, one of only six remaining wooden castles in Japan.
  • The nearest LDS temple is in Fukuoka, about 6 1/2 hours away.
Well, we just learned our passports were mailed yesterday. Woohoo! ~Amy


PsychDoctor said...

Do you have any photos of the Fukuoka LDS Temple? A friend of mine is publishing a book on LDS Temples and this is the last photo she can email her at if you have a photo she can use...