Monday, September 17, 2007

Marugame Castle

Here are some pictures from our trip to Marugame Castle yesterday. It's quite a steep hike to the tower, but the view is beautiful. The castle is about twenty minutes away from our house, in the center of downtown Marugame.
Cash is excited!

There is a moat surrounding the castle, filled with swans, fish, turtles, and the occasional crane.

Getting ready to hike up:

The view from the top:

The castle tower:


Ru said...

Oh the castle pictures are really nice. The tower is beautiful. I'm excited for everything that you're doing. You guys are living your everyday day lives in a place that many dream to vacation, let alone live. It all seems so very excitingly-dreamy and adventurous.

Ps. I love Skype. I felt as though I just visited you guys in Japan. I love seeing you guys while we talk and it all was relatively easy to do. Yay!

PinkPanda said...

it's gorgeous over there! The geckos would freak me out a little bit, though!


I got a web cam- now I need to hook it up!

Fran said...

Hi guys,
Please excuse a total stranger contacting you, but I just saw your page. My son Rob, moved to Marugame this week (5/26/08)to live and teach English. He is a bit freaked out not knowing anybody in the area and is feeling very, very isolated. I was wondering if you would have any suggestions or helpful info you could share with him? So far, his only method of communication has been from an internet cafe, as he does not yet have a cell phone or broadband in his apt. Your page makes Marugame sound lovely, but I guess its pretty overwhelming to a young guy by himself. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, if you are still there. Thank you in anticipation, Fran.

Soccerphile said...

Very nice photos of the castle. As for the gentleman Fran who was worried about his son...yes Marugame is a bit isolated but there are trains to Takamatsu and if your son can drive and afford a car...then Shikoku is his oyster...maybe time sir to put the hand in the pocket and shell out ;)