Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What is Skype?

For those of you wondering what Skype is and why I keep mentioning it, let me tell ya. Skype is a free phone service through the internet. So, if you have Skype, you can talk to us and anyone else who has Skype for free. You just need a microphone on your computer (and a webcam if you want us to see you!). We have a webcam, which pops up on your computer whenever you call you can see Cash's first little tooth coming in or whatever else you'd like to see. So far, we've been able to have a conference call with Doug and Sheelah and Larissa, and we've been able to see Doug and Sheelah, since they have a webcam. Sooooo....get on Skype--it's free-- (, get a microphone, and a webcam...and everyone will be much happier (Mom and Dad)!

Man, what a commercial. I hope someone pays me for this!



Larissa said...

Seriously Skype is awesome! It was so fun to talk to Amy and see Cash while we chatted! I just ordered my webcam too so for those of you who also want to see Shayla in the flesh behind the camera you can call us too on Skype!

Doug & Sheelah said...

It’s great being able to keep in touch reading your blogs and using skype!

PS Check out some new family photos (taken by Larissa) on our flickr site.


jesse said...

yea my dad might buy a webcam
and well get skype
but he said
how would we talk since when were
awake you guys were asleep?
well anyway im shur we could
figure it out