Thursday, October 18, 2007

Family Pics

Here are a few recent family pics. Just thought I'd share:
Cash and Mommy have matching jammies!

Cash hanging with Dad at the Autumn Festival:

All three of us--for once!

At the beach in Toyohama:


PinkPanda said...

So cute, Amy! You have an adorable family! We should set up a time to talk on Sykpe regularly- like Wednesday nights- Thursday morning for you. When's good for you? Megan

Ru said...

Amy I love the pictures of your lil family...your hair is getting long

Larissa said...

your family pics look so good! Cash is such a great mix between you and fox! do you have a scale to see how much he weighs now???

Dave said...

You guys look really good. Hope you're doing well. Love ya much-
David & Amber