Saturday, October 13, 2007

Off House

Today we went to an eco-recycle (read: very nice pawn) shop called Hard Off/Off House. We were so excited to find some cheap things, as Japan is notoriously expensive! We were looking for toys for Cash, since baby stuff is ridiculously costly, and I found a crockpot! We were excited to find some cheap baby toys and took our pick to the counter. Well, once we got up there, they told us that we could only buy things there from Oct. 20-24. No wonder why we were the only customers in the store! Apparently, they spend all month buying from people and stocking their shelves and then open their store for only four days a month for people to buy. Otherwise, they would never have anything on the shelf! At least that's what we figured. Japan is not only super expensive, but Japanese people pride themselves on being frugal. Looks like we know where we're going bright and early on the 20th! ~Amy


PinkPanda said...

Sounds like fun! We need to do Skype again and see if it works! Call me sometime!


Ru said...

Good luck tomorrow(today?) in your adventure to buy a crock pot!