Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Temple Trip

On Saturday, we were able to make a trip to the Fukuoka temple with our branch. Our branch goes to the temple six times a year. It was Culture Day, so we had the day off. We left at midnight and got to Fukuoka around 7 a.m. We went with our boss to cut costs, as it costs around $100 to cross the bridge off of Shikoku island (one way!), and there are numerous toll highways along the way. It was a fun trip. Fox and I took turns watching Cash and going to a session. It was so nice to be off of Shikoku island and to see some different sights. We even got to go to Costco, where we found oatmeal, beans, tortilla chips, and macaroni and cheese. Hooray!

Here is a picture of the Fukuoka temple. It's a mini-temple in downtown Fukuoka.

This is Steve, another teacher at our school, and his wife, Sachiko. They got married in the Fukuoka temple about a month ago.

Sunset at the junction of the islands:

The Kanmon bridge, which connects Kyushu and Honshu. Nearby, there is also a highway tunnel that goes under the sea!

Along the way, we stopped at several rest areas, which we were very impressed with. Each rest area had huge, nice bathrooms, several restaurants, and even cribs for babies! In the parking lot, families and truck drivers were sound asleep in their cars. The ladies' bathrooms had individual vanity stations, fresh flowers, and toilets that had "flushing sound" volume control buttons, for those people who like a quiet flushing sound. I love Japan!



Hey Fox and Amy, this is Cindy and I married Doug's Brother Tim.... Anyways, I lived in Fukuoka for three summers and I lived in the bottom of the Temple while my parents were mission presidents there. We were there during the dedication so that Temple means a lot to me and my family! I miss the noise of the monkeys and I can't wait to take Tim there. My parents are moving back to Japan in January to be the JMTC presidents, I'm sure we'll visit and of course go back to Fukuoka. Do you live by the temple??? You said you traveled with a branch, I think Fukuoka and that part of Japan is the most beautiful and I have to admit I LOVED the rest stops as well! Ok I will keep looking at your blog and you can ask people if they remember Dendo Bucho Makasa!
Cindy Makasa Larsen (we were in your BYU ward as well)