Thursday, December 6, 2007

9 Months Old!

Hi, my name is Cash. I am 9 months old. I live in Japan. I like boiled carrots, lentil soup, and applesauce. My favorite things to do include:
playing the recorder:

bathing, occasionally:

sticking my butt in the air, which is how I usually fall asleep:

reading with my daddy:

and being naked as often as possible:

Doesn't everybody like that?


haley said...

Hey Amy! Cash is so cute! I didn't know you guys were in Japan...I went there when I was in high school, and want to go back so bad! I am enjoying all your fun travels there! It was good to hear from you.

PinkPanda said...

so cute! We love you guys, especially Cash!

Ru said...

Yay my batman suit!!!

Goggins Family said...

aMY, THANKS FOR SAYING HI. IT IS GOOD TO SEE HOW THINGS ARE GOING FOR YOU THERE. I HAVE BEEN READING THROUGH YOUR MANY ADVENTURES. Sorry I was looking at Parker while I typed the first part and I didn't notice it was on cap locks. I was not yelling. Anyways, Cash is so cute. Parker keeps yelling and pointing at his pictures. He must know he is a cool boy who is so close to his age. Thanks for saying hi. it is always fun to catch up. How are you liking it there? We do want to come and visit, but maybe not that long. let me know what you think of the experience there. sorry this is such a long comment!