Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taco Time

Yesterday was our day off, so we decided to do some shopping in Takamatsu, the capitol city an hour away. We stopped at a huge indoor mall to look for an anime shop and got lost along the way. Boy, am I glad we got lost! We went down a tiny side street and found a little shop that said "Tacos" on it. We found Mexican food!!! Mexican food is nowhere to be found in Marugame, save for a small package of frozen tortillas you can buy at a restaurant supply store. This shop, El Dorado, only served tacos, but they were piping hot and delicious. Fox and I were in heaven, especially because the owner held Cash while we ate and served him steamed pumpkin and apple juice. Fox and I were able to eat together! So, we are now in love with this place.
Outside the little taco shop:

A sleepy Cash allows one picture with the owners:

"I said 'One picture!'"