Sunday, December 2, 2007


In Japan, every prefecture is famous for something. We live in Kagawa prefecture, which just so happens to be famous for its
Udon. There are several ways to eat Udon. It's usually served up in a dashi broth with a thin slice of pink and white fish cake and a handful of slivered green onions. Here, they eat it hot in winter and cold in summer. I like both temperatures, and I've really gotten a taste for Udon lately, especially since it's served at every church function. There are numerous udon shops all around are city, but I like to make it at home for under 50 yen a bowl!
Here is how I like it:

This is Kitsune (which means "Fox") udon. The little pocket is aburage tofu, which is a deep fried, sweet, thin pocket of tofu.
It's dericious!


megh said...

mmm...udon. that makes me think of going to japanese food with you guys. we miss you! we miss friends who like japanese food!