Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Cash!

We have a 1 year old, can you believe it? Cash turned one today. We had a little party with our friends and the missionaries on Monday. He had the traditional Hulihan family cream puffs. Too bad our microwave/oven didn't really want to cooperate with the dough. It produced a semi-flat pancake. Cash ate it, though!

Opening his present from Great-Grandma Betty:

Today, we let him have a chocolate cupcake, since he is my cupcake baby. I ate six cupcakes the night before I went into labor. I gave the rest of the batch to the labor nurses. Cash loved to squish it!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes! We love you!


Pink Panda said...

Happy Birthday, Cash! I can't believe he's one! Wow!

Larissa said...

Too cute! It was so fun to see him yesterday walking all over the place!

megh said...

happy birthday, cash! one is fun!

-- the future "ellison ellis"