Tuesday, February 5, 2008


After Hiroshima, we headed over to Miyajima ("shrine island") an hour away. We took a short ferry to the island. Miyajima is famous for its floating torii (shrine entrance), which is considered one of Japan's top three views. We had a great time at this very touristy spot, even though it was snowy and we had a sleepy baby on our hands!

Here we are in front of the famous torii. It looks like it is floating when the tide is high. That bulge in Fox's coat is Cash, fast asleep:

A beautiful pagoda:

This is Fox in Itsukushima shrine in front of the torii. In olden times, commoners were not allowed to set foot on the island. The shrine is built like a pier, and visitors would have to maneuver their boats through the torii in order to get to it. Cash was so tired. He fell asleep tucked in his dad's coat and slept for an hour.

Miyajima is also famous for its very friendly, roaming deer, who come seeking food from all the tourists.


Katrina said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for visiting my blog and delurking! And thanks for the advice on slings. I'll have to check out the one you mentioned. Japan looks really cool!