Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sayonara, Elder Fukuda!

Elder Fukuda served in our branch from August until this last week, when he was transferred. We've gotten to know him well and have had him over for dinner at least a couple of times a month since we moved here. He has seen Cash grow from a sitter to a crawler to a walker! Cash really loves him.
So, Sayonara, Fukuda-chodo. We'll miss your humor and magic tricks!


Adam & Sarah said...

Hi Fox and Amy! I found your blog on the Goggins site. So fun to see your happenings in Japan. We miss you in the ward, but how fun to be living in another country teaching English. I always wanted to do that! Will you be moving back to Utah at the end of the year? Or is this a more permanent job? Love and miss you!